About Healthfirst4us

We will be your beacon to safely guide you into you’re desired depths of health and wellness.

How you feel determines how you spend the rest of the day. Feeling healthy both mentally and physically releases endorphins, instantly lifting your mood. All of our journeys are different , but if you are here with us , the destination is the same. We will enlighten you with the wonders of health and wellbeing as long as you stick with us. We’re here to support and  guide you.

We want to help you run your life, control how you feel without letting external factors do it for you.

Healthfirst4us covers all facets of physical and mental well being. We have heard you loud and clear, so with all the resources available to us we are here to

. We are the reinforcements you’ve been waiting for, to introduce you to a healthier and happier existence. We are here to look after you while you accomplish your dreams, so that when you finally do , you will truly get to live freely. In everything from our personal perspectives to our commitment to inclusivity, you’ll see that we feel with you, feel for you, and we are ready to fight by your side to reclaim your health altogether.

We hope you tap into all our resources if you need anything to show you the way.

The wind will sail your boat forward, but to go in the direction you desire, you must paddle. The gift of life is rare, so let us take an oath to cherish it as long as we can.

All the best,

Healthfirst4us Team
Jayantha Kumara – AEng (ECSL, IESL)
Executive Director
Nishanthi Surangani – BA (SL)
Senior Teacher –
Subha Lasanthi – BMLS (Hons)
Ubaid Khan (MBBS)
King Edward Medical University
Kanchana Manoj Kumara – Senior MLT
Jayamini Edirisinghe
Consultant Clinical Optometrist
Founder/CEO – Food Body Mind
Dinil Semiya
School of Health and Science
Western Sydney University
Silaksi Sankalya

Niruni Savithma

Pabasara Hansini
Graphic Designer/Artist
Social Media Executive 


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